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Simulation Modelling of Aerial Works and Its Role in the Preparation of Construction


The construction process is characterized by a diverse technological composition and the use of a wide range of construction machinery and mechanization. The amount of machinery increases with the complexity of the construction, which increases the demands concerning the preparation and overall organisation of the construction. The preparation of construction processes carried out by helicopters (aerial work) must respect the effect of randomly changing construction conditions as well as the specific working conditions of helicopters. The complexity of such a system can be modelled using simulation models. In the work presented, we designed and practically tested a simulation model of aerial work in the MATLAB software environment. An essential part of the simulation model is an algorithm designed on the basis of commercial numerical weather prediction models. We consider the outputs of the simulation to be reliable, because they are very close to the actual results achieved in the case of the implementation of construction of this type. The concept of the simulation model enables its wider use not only in the construction sector, but also in other branches of industry.

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