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The Use of Effective Coagulants and Flocculants to Intensify the Process of Water Purification at Coke Plants


The paper proposes a reagent method of water purification at the Kharkiv Coke Plant when using the phenolic wastewater in the water-circulating system, which corresponds to industry standards, together with coagulant (aluminum sulfate, aluminum hydroxychloride Pro-AQUA-18) and flocculant treatment (Extraflock and Besfloc). The use of cationic flocculants in water treatment has shown a high degree of efficiency in the removal of suspended substances compared with the Pro-AQUA-18 coagulant at a dose of 50 mg/dm3 or flocculant – 2-4 mg/dm3; it does not lead to the secondary pollution of the water and does not increase its corrosive activity. The purification of the clarified water was carried out using a filtration unit with a filtering load from a layer of quartz sand. The use of the proposed reagent method of water purification will allow it to be used for the technical purposes of the enterprise, reduce the consumption of fresh water, and eliminate the discharge of phenolic wastewater into the municipal sewer network.

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