Residential kitchens with gas stoves are unique spaces inside dwellings.Occupants directly exposed to the combustion products and thermal effects of the stove. Applying a general model with the knowledge of describing parameters, designer could taken thermal aspects also into consideration in order to provide a save, healthy and comfortable environment in residential kitchens and homes. The aim of this study to develop this model and a new ventilation method. Results of field studies shows disadvantageous effect of kitchen exhaust unit during the operation of oven. However turbulence intensity was decreased from 123% to 25% , indoor temperature was increased by 3,7K in the occupied zone due to the forced air movement. PMV index remained within the recommended intervals (between -1,0 and +1.9), therefore it could be applied to evaulate thermal environment aroun the residential gas stove. Unpleasent effect of draught is not expected.

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