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Uncertainties Concerning the Free Vibration of Inhomogeneous Orthotropic Reinforced Concrete Plates


Analyzing nearly collapsed and broken structures gives good insights into possible architectural and engineering design mistakes and faults in the detailing and mismanagement of a construction by building contractors. Harmful vibration effects of construction operations occur frequently. The background reviews have demonstrated that the problem of the vibration serviceability of long-span concrete floors in buildings is complex and interdisciplinary in nature. In public buildings, floor vibration control is required in order to meet Serviceability Limit States that ensure the comfort of the users of a building. In industrial buildings, machines are often placed on floors. Machines generate vibrations of various frequencies, which are transferred to supporting constructions. Precision machines require a stable floor with defined and known dynamic characteristics. In recent years there has been increasing interest in the motion of elastic bodies whose material properties (density, elastic moduli, etc.) are not constant, but vary with their position, perhaps in a random manner. Concrete is a non-homogeneous and anisotropic material. Modeling the mechanical behavior of reinforced concrete (RC) is still one of the most difficult challenges in the field of structural engineering. One of several methods for determining the dynamic modulus of the elasticity of engineering materials is the vibration frequency procedure. In this method, the required variables except for the modulus of elasticity are accurately and certainly determined. In this research, the uncertainly analysis of the free vibration of inhomogeneous orthotropic reinforced concrete plates has been investigated. Due to the numerous outputs obtained, the software package has been written in Matlab, and an analysis of the data and drawing related charts has been done.

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