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An Assessment of Good Corporate Governance in State Owned Enterprises of Mauritius


The study seeks to assess the impact good corporate governance in State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) of Mauritius by obtaining the general perspectives of employees in this particular sector. This study comprised of two stages. Firstly, a focus group discussion was conducted among few employees in SOEs of Mauritius. This exploratory phase was useful in identifying additional views on the impact, barriers, issues and challenges on the level of good corporate governance in SOEs of Mauritius. A survey was then being conducted as a second phase of the study among a sample of employees from SOEs in Mauritius. The analysis focused on the objectives of the study, which were to assess the practice of good governance in SOEs in Mauritius, its benefits and the barriers towards practicing good governance in these firms. The major findings of the study showed that most respondents acknowledge the positive impact of good corporate governance in the day to day of their organisations. However, they also reported that constant governmental intervention acts as a barrier for the proper functioning of SOEs in Mauritius.