OBJECTIVE. Our objective was to evaluate the factors associated with complications and death in patients with abscesses of the deep spaces of the neck.

MATERIAL AND METHODS. An observational, cross-sectional, analytical, retrospective study was conducted from 2017 to 2022. Demographic variables, comorbidities, affected spaces, management, need for tracheostomy, ICU care, presence and type of complications and death were collected. Descriptive statistics were applied as measures of central tenure and measures of dispersion, for inferential analysis; Pearson'’s Chi-square or Fisher'’s exact tests, odds ratio for risk analysis, binary logistic regression test to evaluate the predictor variables were used.

RESULTS. We included 46 cases; mean age 44.41 ±13.84 years; 60.87% male patients. As comorbidities, we found diabetes alone and diabetes with hypertension as the most frequent. Three affected neck spaces were in 44% of patients. 46% needed a tracheostomy, this parameter being significantly associated with complications (p=0.037) and mortality (p=0.037). The need for intensive care and complications revealed a p=0.000 and with a p=0.005 for mortality; days of hospitalization ≥ 11 days was significantly associated with complications (p=0.005) and death (p=0.013). Hospital stay ≥11 days were risk factors for complications (OR=1.357, 95%CI 1.037-1.776) and death (OR=1.267, 95%CI 1.004-1.598); the need for ICU and complications had an OR=78.00 (95%CI 5.726 -1062.546), ICU and death had an OR=39.000 (95%CI 3.046-499.323). The variables ICU admission, tracheotomies and hospital stay ≥11 days were predictors of complications and death.

CONCLUSION. The need for tracheostomy, ICU admission, hospitalizations ≥11 days are associated with complications and death in patients with deep neck abscesses. The same variables were risk factors and predictors of mortality and complications.

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Medicine, Clinical Medicine, other, Surgery, Otorhinolaryngology, Speech, Voice and Paediatric Hearing Disorders, Oromaxillofacial Surgery