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Attitudes, perceptions and knowledge regarding antibiotic use for respiratory illness and antibiotic resistance in Romania: an observational, questionnaire-based study results


BACKGROUND. Antibiotic resistance represents a public health threat worldwide, being a major cause of mortality due to resistant bacterial pathogens responsible for infections and colonisations. Worldwide, there is an inappropriate use of antibiotics in upper respiratory tract infections.

OBJECTIVE. To generate a quantitative snapshot of incidence of respiratory illnesses and symptoms, as well as behaviours and attitudes related to upper respiratory infections among Romanians; to understand the usage of antibiotics for respiratory symptoms and illnesses as well as sufferers’ attitudes and beliefs.

MATERIAL AND METHODS. An observational, descriptive, questionnaire-based global study was conducted in 2022. Adults from 12 countries who had experienced respiratory symptoms in the past 6 months were included (n=1000 per country). Data was collected on antibiotic use and attitudes towards antibiotics, respiratory symptom counselling and bacterial resistance. Herein, we focus on the results of Romanian respondents.

RESULTS. 40.2% took antibiotics for respiratory conditions in the past 6 months, 46.05% of them for cough symptoms and 44.4% for sore throat. 55.72% of the respondents took antibiotics for flu/cold; the most users in 55-64y group. 64.4% obtained the antibiotic from a doctor or nurse. Furthermore, 72.9% of the respondents who took antibiotics had undergone a diagnostic test prior to treatment. Unfortunately, 51.8% believed antibiotics kill viruses and 46% that antibiotics are efficient in cold/flu. Regarding the antibiotic resistance, only 16.5% were very well informed.

CONCLUSION. There is a great number of Romanians who use leftover antibiotics from previous prescriptions, the most frequent reasons being sore throat and common cold. In upper respiratory tract infections, the symptomatic treatment, such as multi-symptom cold/flu medication associated with sore throat medication, should be the first-line treatment. Further interventions are needed to increase awareness of antibiotic resistance.

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