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Foreign body of endodontic origin in the maxillary sinus


Displacement of foreign bodies into the maxillary sinus is still a rare pathology, but the incidence is increasing continuously with the development of dental procedures. Most cases of foreign bodies are associated with dental procedures. These can be of varying natures, such as dental implants, fractured teeth roots, endodontic materials and tools, dental burs, dental impression materials or dental fillings materials. Less frequent are the foreign bodies of non-dental origin, which are related to facial injuries in accidents or assaults. The diagnosis is based on careful clinical and radiological examinations. Foreign bodies should be diagnosed and treated on time in order to prevent complications, mainly acute or chronic rhinosinusitis.

In this article, we review the main characteristics regarding the incidence, etiology, diagnosis and treatment options – endoscopic and an external approach for the removal of a displaced foreign body into the maxillary sinus. Also, we present our personal experience and treatment options, highlighting the importance of pre-operative evaluation, proper imaging assessment, adequate access and visibility and adequate surgical technique, in order to prevent later sinonasal infectious complications.

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