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Research on Improving the Welding Behaviour of Stainless Steels in the Field of Welded Constructions by Using Mechanical Vibrations

   | 31 gru 2020


This paper presents a research that has been done on two types of stainless steels, one of Spanish origin and the other of Romanian origin. Both Spanish and Romanian stainless steels have been subjected to several tests, regarding the influence of vibrations on their mechanical properties and their welding behavior. The samples were made of welded stainless steels. They were subjected to a thermal hardening treatment at a temperature of 950 degrees, with a holding time of 4 hours in the presence of mechanical vibrations. Then comparative tests were performed on both stainless steels at: hardness, tensile test, resilience, microstructural analysis and determination of the longitudinal modulus of elasticity. The research has shown a reduction of the thermo-mechanically influenced area, which contributes to the achievement of a high quality welded joints.