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Study of a 2 kN·m Torque Transducer Tested at GUM and PTB, Including Creep Behaviour


This article presents a study carried out on a 2 kN·m torque transducer at the Central Office of Measures (GUM) and the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB). The weighted least squares method was used to generate the linear regression equations for this torque transducer. The Monte Carlo method and the law of uncertainty propagation were used to calculate the expanded uncertainty. In addition, a creep study was carried out at eight measurement points ranging from 200 N·m to 2000 N·m. The investigations showed that the highest readings of the torque transducer, expressed in electrical units as mV/V, occur within the initial few seconds of the test after the removal of the maximum reference torque.

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6 razy w roku
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Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Control Engineering, Metrology and Testing