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The Apparatus for Thermomechanical Analysis of Clay-based Ceramics


A dynamic thermomechanical analysis (D-TMA) apparatus is described for measuring the resonant frequency of the flexural vibration and the internal damping of the sample using the impulse excitation technique (IET). Since the measurement is conducted at temperatures up to 1250 °C, an electromagnetic impulser is used for excitation. The free vibrations are registered by an electret microphone, stored and then converted into a frequency spectrum using the fast Fourier transform, from which the resonant frequency can be found. The furnace is built from refractory porous alumina bricks and alumina fiber pads. The heating elements are four SiC rods connected to a temperature controller. The temperature is measured with a Pt-PtRh10 thermocouple in close proximity to the sample.

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Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Control Engineering, Metrology and Testing