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A Cross Unequal Clustering Routing Algorithm for Sensor Network


In the routing protocol for wireless sensor network, the cluster size is generally fixed in clustering routing algorithm for wireless sensor network, which can easily lead to the “hot spot” problem. Furthermore, the majority of routing algorithms barely consider the problem of long distance communication between adjacent cluster heads that brings high energy consumption. Therefore, this paper proposes a new cross unequal clustering routing algorithm based on the EEUC algorithm. In order to solve the defects of EEUC algorithm, this algorithm calculating of competition radius takes the node’s position and node’s remaining energy into account to make the load of cluster heads more balanced. At the same time, cluster adjacent node is applied to transport data and reduce the energy-loss of cluster heads. Simulation experiments show that, compared with LEACH and EEUC, the proposed algorithm can effectively reduce the energy-loss of cluster heads and balance the energy consumption among all nodes in the network and improve the network lifetime

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Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Control Engineering, Metrology and Testing