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Responses to Climate Factors in the Radial Growth of Schrenk Spruce (Picea Schrenkiana) in the Yili Region, Northwest China


To examine the associations existing between elevation and tree growth, tree-ring width chronologies of Schrenk spruce (Picea schrenkiana) were developed from sampling sites at different elevations in the Wusun Mountain, Yili region, Xinjiang, northwest China. The radial growth of high-elevation trees was observed to be primarily influenced by meteorological factors in the non-growth season of the previous year. The radial growth of mid-elevation trees was mainly affected by temperature. The radial growth of low-elevation trees was mainly affected by both temperature and relative humidity. About climate change, the radial growth of Schrenk spruce at different elevations showed a non-uniform response to climate variables. Under the condition of intensified drought stress in the future, the forest ecosystem is likely to be greatly affected, and the radial growth of Schrenk spruce at low elevations will be especially inhibited.

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