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Evaluation of insect pest occurrence in areas of calamitous mortality of Scots pine


Pinus sylvestris is an important production tree. In recent years, there has been a sharp increase in the mortality of pine trees due to insect pests. It is obvious that some pests profit from climatic changes, increase their aggressiveness and spread to new localities. The study aimed to investigate the spectrum of more abundant insect pest species in pine plantations of Czechia. The occurrence of species and intensity of their infestation were studied at 77 localities situated in six regions. Any abundant foliophagous insect species were noticed. Bark beetles and wood-boring insects were found to be prevalent. Namely, Ips acuminatus, Ips sexdentatus, Phaenops cyanea and Sirex noctilio seem to be the most dangerous. These species are now better competitors than species previously considered as main pests. Their aggressiveness, expansion to new areas and interspecies co-occurrence are alarming. Due to the advancing climate change, pine mortality due to bark beetles and wood-boring pests will probably continue to increase.

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Life Sciences, Plant Science, Ecology, other