Adequate and desirable connections between suppliers and customers necessitate an appropriate flow of information. Therefore, a promising and proper data collaboration in the supply chain is of tremendous significance. Thus, the study’s main objective is to provide multiple objective programming models under uncertain conditions to assess the performance of suppliers. To meet that aim, a case study for the reliability assessment of the presented model is carried out. That section is associated with supply chain visibility (SCV). Likewise, the likelihood of unpredicted and undesirable incidents involving supply chain risk (SCR) is taken into consideration. The intimate relation between visibility and risk of the supply chain is deemed efficient for the performance of the supply chain. Incoherence in maximization and minimization of SCR and SCV and other factors, including costs, capacity, or demand, necessitates multiple objective programming models to assess suppliers’ performance to accomplish the before-mentioned aims. The study’s results indicate the high reliability of the proposed model. Besides, the numeral results reveal that decision-makers in selecting suppliers mainly decrease SCR and then attempt to enhance SCV. In conclusion, the provided model in the study can be a desirable model for analyzing and estimating supplier performance with SCR and SCV simultaneously.

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Computer Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, Software Development