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Green Manufacturing: An Assessment of Enablers’ Framework Using ISM-MICMAC Analysis


Manufacturing is one of the biggest drivers of a country’s economic growth. Nevertheless, due to globalization and flourishing consumer markets, the technological influx in manufacturing evolution poses a significant threat to climate change. To deal with the situation, green manufacturing came forward to play a vital role in lowering the impact of mass production on the global environment. The qualitative research based on expert opinion is used to have viewpoints for the implementation of green manufacturing based on green supply chain manufacturing (GSCMEs) enablers. The study, in this regard, focuses on exploring the key enablers adopted by the manufacturers to embrace green practices by using framework based on Interpretative Structural Modelling and Cross-Impact Multiplication Applied to Classification (MICMAC) analysis. Results indicate that economic constraints and the regulatory framework have high driving power and less dependency power. Researchers provide managers with a new outlook on the future towards building an eco-friendly supply chain and gaining a competitive edge over their competitors.

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4 razy w roku
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Computer Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, Software Development