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RNApolis: Computational Platform for RNA Structure Analysis


In the 1970s, computer scientists began to engage in research in the field of structural biology. The first structural databases, as well as models and methods supporting the analysis of biomolecule structures, started to be created. RNA was put at the centre of scientific interest quite late. However, more and more methods dedicated to this molecule are currently being developed. This paper presents RNApolis - a new computing platform, which offers access to seven bioinformatic tools developed to support the RNA structure study. The set of tools include a structural database and systems for predicting, modelling, annotating and evaluating the RNA structure. RNApolis supports research at different structural levels and allows the discovery, establishment, and validation of relationships between the primary, secondary and tertiary structure of RNAs. The platform is freely available at http://rnapolis.pl

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Computer Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, Software Development