The availability of hotel facilities and services and their quality are one of the most important factor in selection of a tourist destination. The aim of the article was to analyse the impact of hotel location factors, prices of hotel services and detailed assessments of hotel services provided by the hotel on the overall rating of the hotel. As a case study, Zadar – a city located in the northern part of the Dalmatian coast of Croatia – was used to analyse the problem. The location determinants of hotels and their equipment were assessed in relation to the price of accommodation and tourists’ evaluation of the basic components of hotel services. The analysis used data obtained from the website for accommodation prices, including selected days of the high and low season, data on the number of opinions about the object and the rating of the object by guests in terms of the overall opinion about the object, its location conditions, the standard of services rendered, cleanliness, comfort, evaluation of staff work, access to Wi-Fi network and assessment of services rendered in relation to the price of the service. The obtained results indicate hotel location, especially its distance from the city centre, railway station and airport and evaluation of chosen elements of customers’ hotel evaluation are most significant determinants of choosing accommodation for tourists.

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