The high prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) necessitates acquiring early detection tools that can lead to appropriate interventions for children and assist children in performing as many life functions as possible. In addition, early detection tools for ASD can realize quality early childhood development. This study aims to review various types of assessments for early detection of ASD in children using the literature review method. The following articles are from the website as search engine for scientific articles. Using the keywords “autism spectrum disorder assessment tools” and “early detection for autism,” then peer-reviewed only and year filters since 2018, 2,829 articles were found. Then from the identified articles, they are re-elected based on title, abstract, and time of publication to produce 16 articles whose early detection tool was tested on more than 50 participants and began at the earliest possible age. The results show that various screening and diagnostic tools for ASD prioritize areas such as social communication, behavioral problems, emotional problems, sensory regulatory issues, and engagement issues. The instrument’s limitations, which include an expensive price, a lengthy process, the need for expert involvement, and cultural differences, create a growing gap that must be bridged immediately.

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