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Multi-Activation Dendritic Neural Network (MA-DNN) Working Example of Dendritic-Based Artificial Neural Network


Throughout the years neural networks have been based on the perceptron model of the artificial neuron. Attempts to stray from it are few to none. The perceptron simply works and that has discouraged research around other neuron models. New discoveries highlight the importance of dendrites in the neuron, but the perceptron model does not include them. This brings us to the goal of the paper which is to present and test different models of artificial neurons that utilize dendrites to create an artificial neuron that better represents the biological neuron. The authors propose two models. One is made with the purpose of testing the idea of the dendritic neuron. The distinguishing feature of the second model is that it implements activation functions after its dendrites. Results from the second model suggest that it performs as well as or even better than the perceptron model.

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Computer Sciences, Information Technology