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A Decentralized Medical Network for Maintaining Patient Records Using Blockchain Technology


Personal Medical Records (PMR) manage an individual’s medical information in digital form and allow patients to view their medical information and doctors to diagnose diseases. Today’s institution-dependent centralized storage, fails to give trustworthy, secure, reliable, and traceable patient controls. This leads to a serious disadvantage in diagnosing and preventing diseases. The proposed blockchain technique forms a secured network between doctors of the same specialization for gathering opinions on a particular diagnosis by sharing the PMR with consent to provide better care to patients. To finalize the disease prediction, members can approve the diagnosis. The smart contract access control allows doctors to view and access the PMR. The scalability issue is resolved by the Huffman code data compression technique, and security of the PMR is achieved by an advanced encryption standard. The proposed techniques’ requirements, latency time, compression ratio and security analysis have been compared with existing techniques.

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Computer Sciences, Information Technology