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Development of a Scheme for Correcting Arbitrary Errors and Averaging Noise in Quantum Computing


Intensive research is currently being carried out to develop and create quantum computers and their software. This work is devoted to study of the influence of the environment on the quantum system of qubits. Quantum error correction is a set of methods for protecting quantum information and quantum state from unwanted interactions of the environment (decoherence) and other forms and types of noise. The article discusses the solution to the problem of research and development of corrective codes for rectifying several types of quantum errors that occur during computational processes in quantum algorithms and models of quantum computing devices. The aim of the work is to study existing methods for correcting various types of quantum errors and to create a corrective code for quantum error rectification. The scientific novelty is expressed in the exclusion of one of the shortcomings of the quantum computing process.

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Computer Sciences, Information Technology