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Estimation of Transient Drainage Discharge from Subsurface Pipe Drainage System in City Park Next to Mseno Dam (Czech Republic)


The aim of this study has been to demonstrate the way of determination of drainage discharge by the method of De Zeeuw-Hellinga in the transient drainage flow conditions. For comparison and verification of numerical experiment of calculation of drainage discharge by equation of De Zeeuw-Hellinga with measured daily values of drainage discharge was selected subsurface pipe drainage system in experimental drained area, placed in the local city park next to the Mseno Dam, in the city of Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic. The results showed a good conformity between calculations and measured data, the differences between De Zeeuw-Hellinga’s approximations and measured daily values of drainage discharge fluctuated from 0.6 (mm.day-1) to zero, and confirmed that the De Zeeuw-Hellinga’s formula is a suitable tool for approximation of the drainage discharge in the transient flow conditions. It was confirmed again that De Zeeuw-Hellinga theory is also applicable for the shallow subsurface pipe drainage system.

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Life Sciences, Plant Science