At the modern stage of society’s development, ecology is seen as a complex, interdisciplinary science of the relationships of organisms, society and the environment. Ecology is a science that studies the regularities of the life of organisms in their natural living environment and taking into account the changes made in this environment as a result of human activity. In recent years, the mass media has been constantly talking and writing about ecology, environmental problems related to anthropogenic activity. The person with his activity is heavily polluted and continues to negatively affect the environment at increasing rates. This reckless behavior of humans and the whole of society threatens planet Earth with imminent doom, no less than the use of nuclear weapons. Only from the positions of modern science ecology is it possible to develop issues related to the prudent use of the natural resources of the biosphere and the fight against changes brought about in nature by human activity in the age of the scientific and technical revolution. For this reason, it is necessary to seek information and a solution to the key current problems: What are the main pollutants of the atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere? What is the origin of these substances? How does their impact affect life on Earth? What approaches and methods are needed to prevent environmental pollution?

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