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An ontological model to support citizen science in the field of invasive species research


Advances in information technology developments have led to improved ways and means of sharing information and good practices in various areas of social development. Providing the necessary tools enables Citizen Sciences (CS) to play an important role in raising awareness and engaging various stakeholders in the prevention of invasive alien species (IAS). In Bulgaria, up until this point, it is poorly developed, and this is largely due to the lack of information to the general public regarding the categorization of species, pathways of introduction and their negative impact. The article examines the possibilities for introduction and use of an advanced ontological model in the area of invasive alien species research, which will aid the process of involving a wide range of stakeholders in various initiatives that will contribute to preventing the introduction and spread of IAS. The researched approach using the advantages of modern information and communication technologies includes acquaintance with the basic concepts in the area of IAS, the processes related to their introduction and spread, as well as taking into account the existing interrelationships, which would provide opportunities for early detection and the rapid eradication of IAS. The developed model will also be applied to measures and policies put in place to change the attitudes of the general public to the problem of IAS.

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Chemistry, other, Geosciences, Geography, Life Sciences, Physics