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Regularities of Adsorption of Α-Oxypropionic Acid By Natural Zeolite


Wastewaters from dairy processing factories contaminated with α-oxypropionic acid were monitored. Theoretical analysis of industrial wastewater treatment methods on zeolites of Sokyrnytsia deposit was carried out. The process of sorption of α-oxypropionic (α-oxypropionic) acid by natural zeolite of Sokyrnytsia deposit was considered. It was established that the most economically advantageous and safe is the method of adsorption using a natural sorbent - zeolite, which provides the lowest concentration of contaminants in treated wastewaters from dairies. An assessment of their number, localization features and measures of toxicological impact on the environment was done. The existing theoretical apparatus of description of adsorption processes was analyzed. The sorption properties of natural zeolite (clinoptilolite of Sokyrnytsia deposit) and activated carbon to α-oxypropionic acid were tested. Equilibrium values of adsorption capacity were calculated and corresponding isotherms at a temperature of 20 ° С were constructed. The porosity of the sorbent and its influence on the sorption properties were studied by the methods of physicochemical analysis. Infrared spectroscopic and electron microscopic studies confirmed the presence of the process of sorption by the surface of the internal pores of the zeolite of α-oxypropionic acid molecules. Experimental studies have confirmed the possibility of using natural zeolite for wastewater treatment of dairy factories. It was experimentally confirmed by physicochemical methods of analysis (electron microscopy, IR spectroscopy, microprobe analysis, mercury porometry) and was established that the process takes place both by the mechanism of ion exchange and physical adsorption. The content of carbon radicals in the zeolite matrix after the sorption process was confirmed by X-ray spectral microanalysis. The ability of zeolite to adsorb organic carboxylic acid radicals was confirmed by the results of IR spectroscopic studies. On the IR spectra there are strips of deformation and valence oscillations of the groups of the crystal lattice of the zeolite Si-O, Si-O-SiOH: 452, 990–1210, 1638, 3368 cm−1. The oscillation spectra of free OH groups in the region of 2600 cm−1 were revealed.

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Materials Sciences, Functional and Smart Materials