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Fuzzy Expert System Generalised Model for Medical Applications


Over the past two decades an exponential growth of medical fuzzy expert systems has been observed. These systems address specific forms of medical and health problems resulting in differentiated models which are application dependent and may lack adaptability. This research proposes a generalized model encompassing major features in specialized existing fuzzy systems. Generalization modelling by design in which the major components of differentiated the system were identified and used as the components of the general model. The prototype shows that the proposed model allows medical experts to define fuzzy variables (rules base) for any medical application and users to enter symptoms (facts base) and ask their medical conditions from the designed generalised core inference engine. Further research may include adding more composition conditions, more combining techniques and more tests in several environments in order to check its precision, sensitivity and specificity.

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2 razy w roku
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Computer Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Project Management, Software Development