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Transfer of Thermal Fluctuations Through the Building Partition Formed By Periodic Composite Material


The paper presents examples of thermal fluctuations imposed on the average physical field, which are intensively suppressed by a building partition formed of a periodic two-phase composite. This intense attenuation applies not only to exponential attenuation, until recently identified with the so-called composite boundary effect behaviour, but also mute oscillatory damping, which next to exponential damping, most often accompanies the boundary effect behaviour. The considerations were made using the parabolic equation of thermal conductivity as a starting point leading to the equivalent reformulation, but they can be easily transferred, e.g. to the area of linear elasticity and other physical phenomena occurring in composites. Considerations of this paper can be taken into account in the design of rooms that should effectively protect precision electronic devices against the harmful effects of external fluctuations in physical fields.

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