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Morphological and molecular characterisation of Tripylina gorganensis from the Slovak Republic as a contribution to the redescription of the species


Specimens of Tripylina gorganensis, collected from a natural beech forest in Slovak Republic, are described and illustrated. These nematodes were initially identified as an undescribed species, morphologically similar to Tripylina gorganensis described from Iran. An important feature distinguishing both species was the presence of post-vulval uterine sac (PUS) in specimens from Slovak Republic, which, according to the original description (Asghari et al., 2012), was absent in Tripylina gorganensis. However, a careful re-examination of type specimens performed in this study revealed that T. gorganensis also has the post-vulval uterine sac. Consequently, the findings of the morphological and molecular studies performed on the Slovak population and observations on the type material contribute to the redescription of T. gorganensis.

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