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Overstimulation and its consequences as a new challenge for global healthcare in a socioeconomic context


Introduction: The dynamic development of new technologies, common access to the Internet, and globalisation allow for a source of physical and symbolic stimuli of unprecedented amounts. These stimuli lie at the bottom of objective and persistent overstimulation leading to sensory or information overload.

Materials and methods: This article is based on a review of the literature and statistical data related to the problem of chronic diseases in a socioeconomic context.

Results: Overstimulation constitutes the core area of research of this article. There is no doubt that information overstimulation leads to information stress manifesting on a physiological, emotional, psychical and behavioural level. Progression to chronic conditions leads globally to increased incidence of mental disorders and severe somatic diseases.

Conclusions: Since the range and rate of the transformation of civilisation accelerates, it should be envisaged that mental and somatic disorders underlain by information stress will take up a continuously increasing share of healthcare expenditures. This should call for the need for further medical specialisation in the field of treating the symptoms of diseases of affluence and primarily the need for preventive healthcare focused on balancing the excess stimuli. Success lies in their effective filtering and management. It seems therefore that the issue of overstimulation, including in particular information overstimulation, is one of the key challenges for public health in the near future.

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