Overactive bladder affects 12–17% of the population, and mainly women, and its incidence increases with age. Diagnosis of this condition is based mainly on the patients’ complaints. These symptoms significantly affect the quality of life of millions of patients, involving considerable social, psychological, professional, physical and sexual problems. The wide incidence of this condition makes it necessary to find new medical substances in order to effectively eliminate the symptoms. Neurotoxins are a group of medical drugs that hold great promise for the future. Botulinum toxin is currently being used to treat symptoms related to overactive bladder. It can constitute an appropriate therapeutic option, in particular with regard to patients for whom the use of standard anti-cholinergic drugs is unsatisfactory or leads to severe side effects. Numerous research studies confirm that botulinum toxin can be efficiently used in the treatment of overactive bladder. The properties of this neurotoxin allow selective deactivation of overactive muscles. The use of botulinum toxin can be a method of treatment that significantly improves patient quality of life.

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