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Physical function and quality of life in adolescents with haemophilia (SO-FIT study)


Introduction: Self-completed measures of physical function and quality of life are increasingly being used in clinical practice yet little is known about how these measures correlate with joint scores in boys with severe haemophilia. In addition, it is not known whether currently used measures of functional outcome correlate with quality of life measures, which measure of physical function is most accurate and whether these measures are acceptable to a well treated contemporary cohort of boys. Methods: The Study Of physical Function In adolescenTs with haemophilia (SO-FIT) is a multicenter, randomized cross-over study designed to answer these questions, and to determine whether these self-reported measures are completed more fully and frequently if made available on mobile devices rather than with conventional pen and paper questionnaires. The study is being run by haemophilia nurse specialists and physiotherapists in UK haemophilia centres and will recruit 120 boys with severe haemophilia A or B, with or without inhibitors aged 8-16 years. Results:The SO-FIT study is now underway, and is expected to complete by the end of 2014.

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