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Study regarding the efficiency of the female players from the BCM Danzio Timișoara basketball team

   | 24 wrz 2016


The game of basketball, as well as other sports activities, tends toward an evolution congruent with the gains of science and contemporary techniques. There are more discussions regarding the activity of sport performance about objectification, optimization, standardization, rationalization, modeling and other notions which had no meaning for the coaches and players during the romantical period of the basketball game. Tracking a team’s basketball game means more than just gathering information about the individual or collective style of play. If the statistics about the opponent are made, in general, to exploit their weaknesses, the statistics which are focusing on their own team, help to determine not only if the players are useful or harmful, but it also shows their progress or their setback in a competitive season.

The purpose of this study is to analyze the efficiency of the female players from a basketball team during a competitive season, depending on the season period (first half-second half), the training methods of the coaches, the places where the games are being held (home-away) and the opponent’s level.

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