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Jurisdiction of the medical ethics committees


Ethical principles of assessing medical research are to the greatest extent defined by the Nuremberg Code, the Declarations of Geneva and Helsinki, and the Oviedo Convention. Pursuant to their directives various national Medical Ethics Committees (MECs) were established which assess the ethics of research according to the risk and benefit ratio of the persons involved. Following the example of other countries, medical ethics committees eventually appeared also in hospitals and some medical and educational institutions around Slovenia. Due to an increased number of ethical challenges, it is of great importance to define the jurisdiction of the Slovenian MECs in order to ensure their coordinated operation. Exclusive jurisdiction of the national MEC includes multicentre and multi-national research, drug research (phases 1–3), high-risk research and research related to doctoral theses. The jurisdiction of the sectoral MECs includes testing the conditions for research, monitoring the execution and overviewing the final reports. A more significant jurisdiction of the sectoral MEC is preserving an ethical environment in their institutions. A network of Slovenian MECs is to be organised in the form of a jurisdiction pyramid where each member has its own obligations and responsibilities and plays an important role in relation to the entire structure.

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