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Assessment of Tree Sprouts Pruning with Various Types of Cutting Units


Changes in horticulture induce fruit producers to introduce more efficient tree pruning systems. The increase of efficiency is related to application of various cutting devices, the effect of which on cultivated fruit trees has not been completely recognized yet. Therefore, the objective of the paper was to compare and assess the fruit tree sprouts cut with various types of cutting units. Four cutting units were applied in the study: pruning shears, anvil secateur, circular saw and chain saw and four cultivars of fruit trees: apple, pear, plum and cherry tree. A fractal dimension was used for assessment of the cutting quality that allows assessment of the spatial complexity of the image of the cut sprout. The obtained results allowed determination that the least sprout damaging cutting system is in case of the use of the anvil secateur and pruning shears (the best cutting quality) then circular and chain saw. It was also proved that susceptibility to damage is characteristic for the investigated fruit trees. Pear trees proved the lowest susceptibility to damages regardless the cutting unit.