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The Coal Quality CICS That Increases the Wear Resistance of Heat Exchanger Tubes


The paper discusses the threat of decommissioning to the thermal power plant (TPP) heat exchanger tubes because of erosion and develops a computer-integrated control system (CICS) for the process of distribution of steam coal flows with different indicators of abrasive materials content, which is based on fuzzy logic.

The problem of rapid decommissioning of TPP heat exchangers, particularly abrasive damage to furnace screen tubes, economizer, superheater, etc. This may indicate a discrepancy between the expected fuel ash content and the actual one, as well as a high content of abrasive impurities in steam coal.

The work aims to develop a CICS of the wear resistance of the heat exchange surface of a steam boiler of a coal-fired power plant by measuring and fuzzy control of the content of abrasive impurities in steam coal. The problems of damage to the equipment of the TPP boiler are investigated, and a system for controlling the wear resistance of the surface by automatic fuzzy control of the quality of coal is developed. The results were investigated during coal preparation and combustion in the furnace of a thermal power plant to investigate the effectiveness of the proposed fuzzy controller. The model results confirm the feasibility of the fuzzy control method for the system with different coal quality parameters.