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Influence of Space Organisation on Kitchen Design From 2012 - 2022 in North Macedonia



The modern way of life is conditioned by fast transportation. This in turn requires integration of many additional contents that opens the opportunity to the passengers for quick access to their target-food, accommodation, entertainment, communication.

The distance of the existing railway station (3.7 km from the city centre) makes it hardly accessible to the population, therefore it is neglected and the rail traffic in the city of Kumanovo is minimized. On the other hand the bus station has a good location, but the building is in poor condition, which impedes the functioning of the city and intercity bus service. Adjacent to the existing bus station, a segment of the railroad from the proposed “Corridor 8” transits, which opens the question of the importance of rail transport and its impact in the further development of the city. These considerations clearly indicate the need to establish an integrated transport hub, whose proposed location touches the downtown area, but is still in the zone between the city and the suburbia, which includes adjoining contents such as: retail, hospitality and culture, which will help achieve the goal of the transportation hub as a starting point of development of a new city nucleus, a new point in the city.

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