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Determination of the Geometric Properties of a Jet Engine Fan Blades Based on Modal Vibration Testing



The article presents an experimental method of determining the geometric properties of jet engine rotor airfoils based on modal vibration testing. The procedure is based on adjusting the results of analytical calculations to the laboratory outcomes. Experimental tests were carried out on a set of 20 jet engine fan blades made of AL7022-t6 aluminium alloy. Each blade differed in weight and geometric dimensions within the accepted design tolerance. Numerical analysis of five airfoils that differed in thickness was performed. Modal vibration test results were summarised and compared with the results obtained by the numerical method. The comparison revealed a high similarity of the frequency and form of vibrations acquired by numerical simulation for each of the blades in relation to the executed vibration testing. Based on the verification of the theoretical model with the results obtained through experimental testing, conclusions were drawn about the object’s dynamic behaviour and its technological quality and geometric properties, whereby each of airfoil was probably thinned.

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