The speed of a rotor or rotors of a turbine engine is important information on its operation. Due to the specific conditions, in which the measurement is taken in a turbine engine, which in particular applies to small engines that are becoming increasingly popular in manned and unmanned aviation, the most universal detector is the detector using the phenomenon of eddy currents. This article presents the developed detector system solution. The correct operation of a detector is conditional upon the possibility to detect the presence of a blade in the detection field in a reliable manner, while maintaining the resistance to interference. The developed system is resistant to changes in parameters due to the use of a differential system consisting of two detector coils connected in a bridge circuit, a rectifier circuit with filters acting as a demodulator and a comparator. The system works with a microprocessor performing data processing functions. The executed functional model was tested in a laboratory, which enabled to determine its characteristics in several configurations and to confirm its correct operation.

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