The field of language teaching, both TESOL and ESP, is undergo- ing rapid changes. It is responding to new educational trends and paradigms and institutions face new challenges connected with changes in the curriculum, national tests and student needs. As a result, language teachers need to update their professional knowledge by taking on new roles, such as those of teacher- researcher. The purpose of this paper is to present new developments in the area of general language teaching research, with a particular focus on meth- ods of qualitative research that might be found useful while examining certain aspects of teaching in the field of ESP, such as case studies, action research, interviews or observations. The presentation of research methods is followed by a review of research practice focused on pedagogical issues published in re- cent years in ESP journals, such as English for Specific Purposes, The Asian ESP Journal or Journal of English for Academic Purposes. Of major interest are articles on Legal English. The article concludes with suggestions for further study.

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