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Charting the Course of AI in Business Sustainability: A Bibliometric Analysis



Artificial intelligence (AI) sparked the attention of both researchers and the business community worldwide and has become a buzzword. Similarly, (business) sustainability emerged as a prominent and pivotal concept. Given the rapid evolution of the technological advancement in AI and its potential impact(s), this paper aims to identify the ways in which AI crosses paths with business sustainability, to provide an overview of the topic and to uncover research trends using a bibliometric approach. In order to reach the research goal of the paper, we investigated the academic literature published and indexed in Scopus database using computer assisted quantitative techniques on bibliometric data and with the help of VOSviewer we visually emphasized the interconnections between fields and results. Ultimately, the present paper intends to contribute to a deeper understanding of the symbiotic relationship between AI and business sustainability, by providing insights that are purposed to enhance the academic discourse in a rapidly evolving domain.