The Greek economic activity has been declined dramatically in recent years as many sectors of the economy that cannot cope with the new state brought about by the economic crisis. An economic crisis can be described as the phenomenon when an economy is characterized by a continuous and noticeable decline in its economic activity. As an economic activity, we are referring to all the macroeconomic dimensions of the economy, such as employment, the national product, prices, investments, etc. The downturn in the supermarket sector, which is attributed to the country’s financial situation, has led to a decline in the household disposable income. The present study was carried out at the time of the economic crisis, concerning a productive sector of the Greek economy, where millions of euros are exchanged hands. The objective of the study was to explore the impacts of the economic crisis on the sector by using a series of financial indicators. The results point to significant effects on the efficiency and earnings of the major actors of the sector.