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Employee Stock Option Plans: A Meta-Analysis (Understanding Impact of Esops Through Literature)

   | 20 mag 2020


The usage of psychological ownership as an HR practice has been of a relatively recent origin. It is fast being recognized as a useful tool in the area of human resource management. Employee Stock Option Plans are being used as a technique to propagate psychological ownership and gain many advantages including a competitive edge. This paper explores the available literature on psychological ownership in general and Employee Stock Option plans in particular over a thirty year period from 1988 till 2018. An attempt has been made to integrate all matter into a theoretical model indicating the effect of such plans on individuals and organizations. In the study, several empirical as well as theoretical papers have been studied and the impact of Employee Stock Option Plans on several parameters like organizational productivity, individual performance, absenteeism, employee turnover and organizational citizenship behaviour have been reported. Several job attitudes like job satisfaction and commitment of employees towards their organization have also been reported. The studies reporting conditions of these plans that make them successful have been covered comprehensively.