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Integration of VLF-EM and VES data for pavement failure investigation in a typical basement complex terrain of southwestern Nigeria



Geophysical investigations involving very low frequency electromagnetic (VLF-EM) and vertical electrical sounding (VES) techniques were deployed to study the pavement failure along a major road in a typical basement complex terrain of southwestern Nigeria. This study was designed to assess the failure and provide a basis for ultimate engineering design. The study delineated a 3- to 4-layer geoelectric sequence: a topsoil of thickness varying from 0.4 to 1.2 m, a spectrum of clayey materials of thickness varying from 1.9 to 14.5 m and a weathered/fractured basement occurring at depths of between 3.6 and 15.0 m. The shallow basement indicated low bearing capacity, with resistivity values ranging from 62.1 to 377.9 Ωm. The presence of clay/clayey materials, linear features and the effect of rising water table within the influence zone underlined the pavement failure. This information will facilitate appropriate designing, soil improvements and selection of materials for road construction that can stand the test of time.