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Contribution to Understanding of Ore Fluids in the Zletovo Mine Based on Fluid Inclusion Data



The Zletovo is lead–zinc (Pb–Zn) deposit, adjacent to the Plavica volcanic centre (R. Macedonia) with high-sulphidation and porphyry mineralisation. The analysis of fluid inclusions showed homogenisation temperatures in the range 335–145°C, which reflects phases of pulsation of hydrothermal solutions and defined into four groups from the lowest to the highest temperatures. The frequency of the homogenisation temperatures ranged from 265 to 125°C and with the most dominant from 245 to 225°C, from 225 to 205°C and from 145 to 125°C. Also, it was confirmed that hydrothermal ore-bearing solutions were defined as NaCl-type with range from 4.4 to 8.6 wt% NaCl equivalent. The latest stage salinities ranged from 3 to 12 wt% NaCl equivalent, where those from 10 to 12 wt% and from 6 to 8 wt% NaCl equivalent, prevailed. This suggests that hydrothermal solutions within analysed quartz grains were at final mineralizing phase. Density of fluid inclusions ranged from 0.7 to 0.95g/cm3. Calculated pressures and paleo-depths of mineralisation ranged from 14 to 130 bar and from 0.6 to 0.8 km.