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Evaluation of SVC-Coupled Hybrid DSTATCOM using JLMS Algorithm for Enhancement of Power Quality



This research study explains the design and performance of a Static VAR Compensator (SVC) coupled Hybrid Distribution Static Compensator (DSTATCOM) for low voltage power distribution system (PDS). A comparative analysisis done between Voltage Source Inverter (VSI)-based DSTATCOM and SVC Hybrid DSTATCOM using Jordan Least Mean Square (JLMS) algorithm to alleviate the shunt-related power quality (PQ) glitches. The specific design is obtained as compared to the existing neural network toolbox algorithm to improve the estimation speed and accuracy. The main objective is to extract the tuned weighted values of fundamental active and reactive power components of distorted load currents for the switching signal generation using an adaptive JLMS algorithm.Several functions of DSTATCOM and hybrid DSTATCOM using this JLMS controller are showcased for harmonics curtailment, power factor (p.f.) improvement, load balancing, voltage regulation, etc. Simulation results on an SVC Hybrid DSTATCOM have shown an acceptable level of performance under unbalanced loading situations. Finally, some comparative results are provided to validate the feasibility and effectiveness of the suggested topology.

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