The article presents a theoretical analysis of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and experimental measurement of effects of radiation and acoustic emission of high-voltage transformers for electronic equipment and working personnel in a control room. Electromagnetic compatibility and safety of equipment are not considered as two distinct areas of study in electric and electronic safety. Economic criteria cannot compromise safety but at the same time immunity levels must be relevant in order to establish a “Functional Safety”. Introducing Special Immunity Levels in the level of equipment testing allows us to combine the two areas of EMC and safety. The measurement was carried out in high-current of very high-voltage distribution station. A real-life analysis of effects of electric and electromagnetic field was carried out. FFT was used for mathematical processing of data which were later presented in a graphical form of a spectrally analyzed area. In the last part of the paper we discuss the suitability of acoustic camera to perform contactless monitoring of the health and operation conditions of the power transformer by analyzing acoustic field generated by the transformer core and windings in near control room.

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