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Vibration Detection and Experiment of PMSM High Speed Grinding Motorized Spindle Based on Frequency Domain Technology



The spindle vibrations of the high-speed grinding motorized spindle largely determine the machining quality and precision. In order to accurately predict the spindle vibrations of the PMSM high-speed grinding motorized spindle, the vibration causes are explored and analyzed. The radial vibration, inclined vibration, and axial vibration model are established. The experimental modal analysis method is proposed to analyze the dynamic response of the spindle and to identify the modal parameters of the spindle structure. Thereafter, the frequency response function (FRF) is calculated by self-power spectrum and cross-power spectrum. It is transformed into the vibration spectrum analysis of the spindle. The least-square method is used to fit the radial trajectory of the spindle. This paper aims to propose double standard spheres for 5- DOF spindle vibrations used to detect the spindle vibrations. In the experiment, the method proposed in this paper can effectively and accurately determine the causes of the spindle vibrations. The spectrum analysis and the trajectory are common tools in the spindle vibration detection.

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