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Provision of periurban zones of small towns of Kyiv region by forests as a factor of eco-stability



Humanity has come to the conclusion about the need for eco-balanced planning of territorial land use at both regional and local levels. The object of research is the periurban areas around 20 small towns of the Kyiv region – the most common category of cities in Ukraine. The provision of periurban areas of small towns with forests is analyzed taking into account three indicators: population in cities, distance to the nearest forests and their size. It was found that forests are absent in the vicinity of most small towns in the region which are mostly surrounded by arable land. Small towns are grouped into four clusters according to the similarity of forest provision of periurban zones with indicators: average (55% of towns); improved (Vyshhorod, Bucha); with the best situation (Irpin); worse (Vyshneve, Myronivka, Uzyn, Skvyra, Tetiiv, Yahotyn). Each such cluster requires the development of certain strategies for the formation of periurban green infrastructure, which will include both protective green stands and recreational areas. Therefore, around the small towns of Kyiv region it is recommended to immediately form periurban recreational and protective zones with a predominance of forests. This will dramatically improve the environmental situation and contribute to the environmental and social sustainability of urban areas.

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