Though Yoga has originated in India, its scientific use to alleviate the sufferings of cancer patients in India is thin. There are very few published studies on yoga intervention for cancer patients from India. The objective of this review was to analyze the studies that have used yoga as an adjuvant for cancer treatment. Literature searches were made in PubMed, CINAHL, Google Scholar, Proquest and Science Direct for retrieving the related studies. Data were analyzed according to the objective. The compiled results show that yoga and pranayama interventions for cancer patients in India focused mostly on psychological aspects like anxiety and depression. Few studies have explored deep into the mechanisms by which the interventions produce the desired effects. Only very few researchers have analyzed the genetic or biochemical changes that occur in the human body as a result of practicing yoga. Currently, the focus is generally on breast cancer. Researches with yoga and pranayama as an adjuvant for other cancers also need to be experimented.

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